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Who Are We?

Who Are We?

The company ensures the production, the export as well as the global management of international flows of fruits and vegetables from and to Morocco.


The company ensures the production, the export as well as the global management of international flows of fruits and vegetables from and to Morocco.

Lately, ECOGREEN SARL has engaged in the development of its own industrial brand, ATLASOLAR, in order to offer its customers photovoltaic solar panels, submersible pumps, electrical converters as well as several accessories related to irrigation and eco-responsible management of agricultural fields.

We attach great importance to international safety and quality standards, and our fundamental principles aim, in addition to the satisfaction of our customers, at the establishment of a long-term collaborative partnership, which can guarantee a bilateral development while respecting the environment and the legislation in force.

ECOGREEN SARL relies in its mission on its human and technical skills in order to offer quality products to all its customers according to their specific economic and social constraints.

Our Products and Services

  • Fruit and vegetable production
  • The export of fruits and vegetables of Moroccan origin by truck, plane and container to the whole world.
  • Management of imports and exports for third parties (transport, packaging, accompaniment, etc.)
  • The distribution and sale of photovoltaic solar panels, pumps, converters...
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Our Resources, Products and Equipment

  • More than 200 Ha of cultivable land in the region of Marrakech - HAOUZ and Agadir - SOUSS MASSA, of which 20% are cultivated under greenhouses and 80% in open fields.
  • Our products and annual productions :
  • Clementines : 600 to 800 Tons
  • Oranges : 1500 Tons
  • Round Tomato : 1000 to 1200 Tons
  • Early vegetables (Pepper, Chilli, Courgette, Beans): 400 to 600 Tons
  • Watermelons : 1500 Tons
  • Galia melon / Charentais: 600 tons
  • Apricots : 1200 Tons
  • Peaches : 200 Tons
  • Olives : 3000 Tons
  • Strawberries : 100 Tons
  • Several packaging contracts with the best packaging stations in Morocco.
  • Nos Marques commerciales ATLASOLAR, ECOGREEN et LAARISSA de plus en plus reconnues est demandées sur les marchés nationaux et internationaux.
  • An experienced and dedicated team of employees at the service of our customers.

Our Commitments and Objectives

As far as sustainable growth and economic and social performances are concerned, ECOGREEN SERVICES is committed to inscribe all its activities in this perspective, by respecting all the legal provisions and Moroccan standards, as well as the international standards relating to the agricultural field. To become a national reference in terms of production, export and management of international flows of fruits and vegetables. To contribute to change behaviors and improve the general environment for the pleasure and happiness of all!

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what we do

International freight forwarding,


execution and logistics

for your commercial business.

Ce que nous faisons

Expéditions internationales, entreposage, logistique intelligente et optimisée.


Hivernage, Avenue Echouhada, N43 Résidence Annouar Apt 9, Marrakech – Maroc


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